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The new home of Chabad of Strathavon- the Jewish Life Centre- is housed at 2 Gayre street (corner Linden rd.), across the road from where we used to be.


Chabad of Strathavon Dedicates its new Centre with Dance and Celebration

Just off the Grayston exit on the M1 in lovely part of Sandton called Strathavon is where Rabbi Ari and Naomi Shishler from Chabad opened shop over 13 years ago. On Sunday, the 9th of December, the Chabad of Strathavon community celebrated the achievements of the past and the visions for the future.

At 4pm the community members and many guests gathered in the home of Steven and Jeannine Solarsh where the final letters were written in a brand new Sefer Torah in the memory of Noah Lazarus OBM a young girl who passed away from leukemia 12 months ago. Brainchild of Jarod and Kerry Koleman the Torah project brought together many both local and abroad in the unity Torah.

Despite the downpour that flooded many roads, hundreds of members joined for the procession (the Torah was driven in a car, while many brave souls danced through the street) until the Torah arrived in its new home the beautiful two story Jewish Life Centre.

Lively dancing by Johnny Sklar and band welcomed the masses, while Shelley Gefen’s catering took care of the delicious food. After a spirited dancing, the adults moved over to the dedication of the new centre, while the children were treated to a fun filled program arranged and run by the students of local Chabad Yeshiva.

The dedication ceremony began with the unveiling of a plaque by Mr. Maish Brenner in the memory of his wife -----. After which he made a passionate call that ten percent of earnings should be dedicated to charity, evoking the promise of G‑d that tithing brings riches.

Downstairs in the ballroom of the centre a lavish spread of desserts greeted the crowd. Chayale, Chani and Rivky Shishler shared the MC mike for the evening. Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein addressed the crowd expressing the pride that the community feels in the new centre and its rabbi.

Rabbi Ari Kievman lit the Menorah, after which Rabbi Mendel Lipskar, head of the Lubavitch Foundation, addressed the crowd. He spoke passionately about the need to dream while working constantly on making those dreams a reality.

Rabbi Ari Shishler shared personal reflections on the journey of these past 13 years, then proceeded to thank the many people who have given of their time and money to the centre.

A special presentation of a beautiful picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe framed together with a dollar that was handed out by the Rebbe on those renowned Sunday Dollar lines (1986 – 1992) where he would hand out dollars for Brochos to thousands, were presented to Anthony and Hailey Nathan and Steven and Jeannine Solarsh for their dedication to the community from its onset.

Rabbi Shishler welcomed Rabbi Levi and Chaya Avtzon to the community. They have already made an impact in creating new and exciting programs. Rabbi Avtzon closed the evening by proudly launching a new women’s programme that will begin its first term in January with dynamic teachers and captivating topics.   

The two flames in the Menorah shined brightly as the diehards sat down to Farbreng and continue the celebration way into the night.