20150701_181808.jpgThe Scholar
Rabbi Reuven Finkelstein

 His dynamic classes excite the mind, as Rabbi Finkelstein weaves through the complexities of Talmud, Jewish Law and Chassidic thought.

Rabbi Finkelstein's Thursday night Talmud class has already completed three tractates of the Talmud- and none of the students have any Yeshivah background! 


The Skill-builder
Rabbi Aharon Rose

Blending humour into every class, Rabbi Rose is a veteran teacher who is well-known in Johannesburg. His passion for Chumash makes his weekly class a first choice for anyone interested in studying textual Torah.

The Fresh Thinker
Rabbi Ari Shishler

A creative thinker, Rabbi Shishler brings Judaism to life in a clear and fresh way. His classes will challenge your perspectives, uplift your spirit and empower you to live meaningfully. 

The Feminine Touch
Brigitte Youngworth 

A beloved teacher of new brides, Brigitte quickly endears herself to her students, taking them on a journey of spiritual discovery with a distinctly feminine flavour.