Here's what participants in the last 5th Dimension course (in Melbourne, Australia) had to say:

"Your presentations are easy to listen to while the information and concepts are not. As one lady said to me today, "I have learned ענינה של תורת החסידות many times but never like that!""- Sara R.

"Thank you for such a meaningful summer learning program. Life has just been getting exponentially more incredible by the minute..."  - Shoshana D.

"If you were at Rabbi Shishler's AMAZING talks or even if you weren't some of us were wanting to review the concepts he was talking about as it was PACKED with information which we would like to 'unpack'


If you would like to join us for an INTERACTIVE GROUP SESSION  please email back to let me know and I will forward you the details." - Melbourne communal email

"Last Sunday a group of us reviewed lectures 1,2 and 3 of your series... It was an amazing series which people got a lot out of, and even during the review, women were saying that there were things they didn't get the first time around. Yet, the fact that they are willing to put aside time to go over it again attests to your fabulous delivery which was so inspiring." - Miriam C

"I also wanted to email you to say how much I (and many others) enjoyed the series you gave. Not only were they informative, covering both breadth and depth in a range of areas form Chassidus to Nach and more but they were extremely enjoyable without being frivolous or tacky. . Your classes flew by without most people's attention waning for a moment!" - Shani A.

I left each session feeling inspired and motivated to look at the world at a different angle. I can't wait for the next course, I only wish there was more time for each session. - Celeste E.