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With Rabbi Ari Shishler
Thursdays, 9:15 - 10:00 a.m.


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Part 1: Boundaries: The value of rules that resonate

Part 2: “But everyone’s doing it”- strategies to tackle peer pressure

Part 3: Happy kids, not spoiled kids

Part 4: When your kids let you down

Part 5: Engender independence in your child

Part 6: Find your child’s greatness



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Some previous topics:

- "Because I said so"
- How to teach your children not to hate
- The rise of female leadership
- How many chances should you give?
- Children: Seen & not heard?
- Which of the "Four sons" of Pesach is yours?
- Spiritual secrets of a successful husband/ wife team
- Esther as a model for the Jewish woman
- Don't sweat the small stuff, mom!
- Are your standards ofr your kids too high?
- Spiritual home-making (secret of the Jewish woman)
- "Why do I have to...?"
- "Watch your language!"- getting children to speak nicely
- Your child's respect- expected or earned?
- Teaching children to be happy.
- But you know you're not allowed to... (Why kids do what they know they shouldn't)
- Shhh! Dealing with (and learning from) kids' boundless energy.
- The Body/ Soul paradox: Jewish wisdom on healthy body. healthy spirit.
- You didn't come here to be like everyone else! (Teach youself and your child to celebrate his/her uniqueness)