Young adults' breakfast

Tuesday, 7 February, 2012 - 12:47 pm

16.jpgWhat does it take to get a group of under-35's to roll out of bed on a Sunday morning? Apparently a hearty breakfast, interesting speaker and the promise of an opportunity to meet dynamic, Jewish young adults. 

That formula worked wonders this past Sunday when fifty young adults arrived at for a champagne breakfast at the Jewish Life Centre. Gary Friedman caterers outdid themselves with a spread that could have satisfied double the crowd we were expecting. 

Toby Shapshak, editor of "Stuff" magazine was the speaker. His entertaining and insightful talk was good enough to keep the crowd off their Blackberries throughout (which is saying a lot). Using props like an old garage-door opener (nobody knew what on earth it was) and an original Motorola cellphone, Toby charted the progress of technology and posited where social media and gadgets may be headed. 

Afterwards, Rabbi Shishler wrapped up with a contemporary Jewish perspective on technology as a tool to make a better world, based on the teachings of the Rebbe.

Adam Zaiden was our lucky winner, walkign out with a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

People obviously really enjoyed themselves, because they lingered on way after the official ending time. Please G-d, we hope to have more such events in the future.

Click here to see some photos from the breakfast. 

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