Shabbos Project Success

Thursday, 30 October, 2014 - 5:02 am

My favourite line this Shabbos: "Glenhazel is overrated".

That was overheard at Havdalah time after guests from various communities around town had joined us for a truly spectacular Shabbos. Kudos to Dani Zekry, Hazel Lerman, Candice Kessler and Shaun Levitan for producing a Shabbos for the history books. 

Friday evening kicked off with hundreds of women and girls commandeering the Shul for a mega candle-lighting. Yael Benjamin enthralled the crowd with stirring Shabbos melodies and Rebbetzin Ruthie Abrahamson shared Shabbos insights.

Meanwhile, the men followed the ancient Kabbalistic tradition of going outdoors to welcome Shabbos. They davened Mincha outside and then sang Shabbos songs in the rock garden, before hearing an insight from Rabbi Gavriel Abrahamson. Shabbos got off to a scintillating start.

Kabbolas Shabbos saw a larger-than-Yom-Kippur crowd, with over 100 guests joining us for the Dove Barmitzvah. At 41 hotel rooms, Chabad Strathavon surely holds the record for the most booked for the Shabbos Project. Nami Falkson led the davening and Lecha Dodi erupted into song and dance around the Shul.

After the service, everyone joined to sing Shalom Aleichem and Eishes Chayil and to enjoy a light kiddush under the stars.

Our shul was abuzz on Shabbos morning, with scores of children enjoying the various children's service offerings (thanks Gary Weinstein!) and play stations. Shul was absolutely packed and, yet, the decorum was excellent. Yoav Dogan led the first part of Shacharis and Jonathan Ruch, the second. A highlight of the day was Barmitzvah boy, Josh Dove leading Hallel. Rabbi Hilton Herring davened the special Rosh Chodesh Musaf.  

After a massive kiddush and special mazal tov to Josh, the barmi boy, the crowd headed down to our Shabbos in the Park. 

picnic.jpgUnbelievably, the park had been transformed into a chilled family space. Bean bags, picnic blankets, cafe tables and picnic tables dotted the area and people quickly relaxed into them. Food was abundant and delicious and the weather perfected the day. The kids enjoyed special activities and everyone simply took it easy. 250 people joined us in the park and nobody seemed to want to leave. What better way to spend a special Shabbos than with your family and community?


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