Yom Tov momentum continues

Thursday, 23 October, 2014 - 4:22 am

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This year's Yom Tov season was honestly one of the best we've ever had. And, the momentum continues! 

Of course, the Shabbos Project is definitely pumping up the action at Strathavon this week. Add to that the Dove barmitzvah and we're in for a really special, mega-Shabbos. 

Our Shabbos Project team has done an outstanding job putting together a spectacular programme.

Shabbos will begin with a special candle-lighting programme for women. The programme includes spiritual insights into candle-lighting by our Rebbetzin and Rebbetzin Ruthie Abrahamson, special prayers and song with Yael Benjamin.

The men will daven an outdoor Mincha and relive the ancient Kabbalistic tradition of going outdoors to welcome Shabbos. Rabbi Gavriel Abrahamson will share some insights before davening and Nami Falkson will lead us in singing to welcome Shabbos. 

After Shul, we will have a kiddush under the stars.

We have great children's entertainment on Shabbos as well, so your kids will have a wonderful Shabbos experience. 

We'll have a special davening, seeing as it is Rosh Chodesh. Josh, our barmitzvah boy, will lead the Hallel. 

After the Barmitzvah kiddush, we're heading down to the park for an overbooked Shabbos in the Park. The programme there includes family learning, kids' activities and traditional Shabbos songs. Don't worry, we have all sorts of creative seating plans for the park- blankets, benches & picnic tables, cafe tables & chairs and bean bags available. Thank G-d, we have had a very good response to the Shabbos in the Park and are full.

We have excellent security in place over Shabbos, both at Shul and at the park. If you would like to park your car at Shul over Shabbos, please note that we will lock the gate at 5:45 p.m. The Chief Rabbi has also organised free Uber for first time users to get to Shul before Shabbos (to the value of R200). Go to to download the app and use the code keepingittogether. 

Thank you Dani Zekry, Hazel Lerman, Candice Kessler, Shaun Levitan, Gary Weinstein, Charlie Meyerowitz, Robin Bayhack and Steven Chalom for putting together a truly spectacular Shabbos.  

Special thank you to our sponsors, who helped make this Shabbos amazing: Liberty, Neil & Lauren Dove, Ronen & Dani Zekry, Marc & Hayley Wachsberger, Mark & Shirley Collie, Shaun & Hayley Levitan and Shaun & Dina Hurwitz.

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