Record Yom Kippur!

Monday, 6 October, 2014 - 6:42 am

We were BH bursting at the seams over Yom Kippur! Besides the extra seats we put out following Rosh Hashanah, we had to put out extra, extra seats at Kol Nidrei.

Yoav Dogan, Rabbi Groner and Rabbi Shishler conducted a powerful davening, punctuated with page-guidance, practical instructions and insights shared by Tzur Gerber and members of the community.

Once again, our security team ran a slick operation, which allowed us all to daven with peace of mind.

At Kol Nidrei, the rabbi spoke about the power of community and how we should give time to our communities. He mentioned that antisemitism wilts in the face of Jewish unity and that we need to come together as Jews. He also launched the exciting Chabad Strathavon initiatives for the Shabbos Project. All available on

At Yizkor, the rabbi spoke about ensuring that our children receive excellent Jewish educations, paying tribute to Rabbi Nachman Bernhard, who was a pioneer of Torah education in South Africa. As the rabbi said, "You ask your rabbi for advice on medical and business matters, you should consult him (and the rebbetzin) on his real area of expertise: Jewish education. 

Before Neilah, the rabbi shared stories of how the Rebbe predicted in the 60's that Communism would fall, but it took time. He likewise predicted that we'd see Moshiach in our times, so we shouldn't lose hope if it seems to have taken long.

As every year, the service ended with the spine-tingling chants of Shema Yisroel and Hashem Hu HoElokim, followed by the uplifting victory tune, known as Napoleon's March. 

Breaking of the fast was sponsored by Ziona Lipchick. 

The good news of Yom Kippur was the announcement that a principal donor and a number of secondary donors had stepped up to complete the installation of the long-awaited ceilings on the wings of the Shul. 

Next project: Ceilings for the kitchens and bathrooms and the the remaining light-fittings.

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