Chai to the power of 180

Thursday, 11 July, 2013 - 10:18 am

power of 10.jpgBeing Jewish means thinking out of the box. It means noticing opportunity while everyone around you stares fixated at obstacles. 

That's what gave me the 180x180 idea.

Joburg living has become a whole lot more expensive in a very short time. One factor that has us all uneasy is the sudden drop in the value of our currency. Add a rising oil price and the knock-on effects for the local economy are unsettling.

Which is why I feel we need to look for the opportunity.

R10 to the US Dollar offers an opportunity that our community dare not pass up. We all have family and friends living abroad. We can all get some of them on board to support a cause we care about- our Jewish Life Centre. 

Asking someone you know to donate $180 is really not a big ask (I'm sure you have many you could approach for more), but that $180 is significant for us here at home.

Let's do it! Let's rally up 180 people to contribute $180 (or more) each to knock back our debt and help grow our programmes.

It's effortless and the returns will PG be huge.

Please get involved and send your family and friends here to participate

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