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Welcome to our new teachers

This year, we are very pleased to welcome some new talent to our teaching staff.

Braun.jpgRabbi Kevin Braun has already been teaching at Strathavon for a year, but is now starting a new Chumash Shiur for men.
Rabbi Braun studied at Ohr Somayach locally and in Israel and taught for ten years at Yeshiva Maharsha school.
He is a pilot and is involved in business.
Rabbi Braun has a knack for discovering Jewish lessons in everyday life.


Youngworth.jpgBrigitte Youngworth was born in Rhodesia to a non-religious Jewish family. They lived in the Belgian Congo and moved to South Africa in 1975. She matriculated at King David VP and studied a BA(English) at the University of Cape Town. She sought spiritual fulfilment in many different religions and philosophies, believing that she would not find it in Judaism. All that changed when she was exposed to Chabad Chassidus, where she discovered the great positivity, warmth and spiritual depth of Judaism. Today she and her husband, Robert have five children and are both ba’alei teshuva. She teaches mikvah lessons to Jewish brides, has written several children’s books and talks on ChaiFM radio on Friday mornings with Mashi Lipskar.
Brigitte will be teaching "Connected Living" for young married women. 


2015 learning programme launches

General learning promo 2015.JPGOur new and improved learning programmes launches in February PG. It includes some very exciting new classes and series' and you will surely gain a fortune from participating.

As the year progresses, we look forward to PG adding more innovative and meaningful elements to our already dynamic learning programme, so watch this space for details.

Here's a great opportunity: If you have some time in the afternoons, we'll PG have some young guys available to study with you on Mondays to Thursdays.

We're also launching our new Hebrew course, so watch out for that one too!

Tuesday nights are our women's learning night, with a new shiur by Brigitte Youngworth and our Night Sem, which begins its third year.

Thursday evenings are "Yeshivah night" at Strathavon. If you have ever wanted to study Talmud, join Rabbi Finkelstein on Thursday nights for as he and his team begin their fourth tractate!

Rabbi Kevin Braun is launching a new men's shiur in Chumash- from the beginning and Rabbi Shishler's popular Tanya is back too!  

Je Suis Juif

 Je Suis Juif.JPG


Please join us as we pay tribute to the memories of those who lost their lives last week in Paris.

The best response to terrorism is to stand strong and proudly Jewish, to add more light in tha face of darkness.

The programme on Friday night begins with Mincha & Tehillim at 6:00 p.m. We will also light candles in memory of the victims.

We will have a special tribute, followed by Shabbos davening and a beautiful kiddush.

May our public dedication to our Judaism neutralise those who would wish to harm our people. 

Tanya series' with Rabbi Shishler

Tanya Jan 2015.JPG

Tanya offers spiritual tools to succeed in tackling life's challenges.

Rabbi Shishler's Tanya classes are extremely popular, attracting dozens of people each week.  

This year, Rabbi Shishler is offering four Thursday night Tanya courses that will cover powerful and meaningful life-insights.


Tanya May 2015a.JPG 

Tanya July 2015.jpg 

Tanya October 2015.JPG 

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