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The Heart and the Wellspring

heart and wellspring.jpgThousands of South African Jews revelled in the smorgasbord of world-class speakers on the stage at Sinai Indaba this past Sunday.

The opening and closing events were brought to life by the energetic music of Israeli group "The Heart and the Wellspring".
Our community was fortunate to host three members of the group over Shabbos. The eclectic ensemble included a Jerusalemite chossid, recently-frum Chabadnik and a dynamic "Bucharen" Jew from Azeberjan. These guys live for niggunim and brought our Shabbos table and Shul kiddush to life. Oren Tzur (who learned to speak English while at Berkeley Music School) shared fascinating mystical insights into the soul-language we call music. 
Hearing thr group perform on stage on Saturday night completed an uplifting and inspiring musical experience.
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