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Loads of new books (we need somewhere to put 'em)

Seforim.jpgToday I picked up over 200 new books for our Jewish Life Centre library. The books were generously donated by Shraga Jameson of Aquazania and comprise a large portion of the classical Chabad library. 

We also received a whole lot of new siddurim and machzorim for the Shul, which will be very useful for our growing community.  

We also received a generous donation of close to 100 books from the library of the late Dr. Rodney Unterslak.

So, our library is taking shape, BH, which is very exciting!

Our next project is to install the bookshelves that will house these books as well as the hundreds more we will PG purchase over time. We are looking for donors for these bookshelves, please support this project.

Special thanks to Darren Gordon, Darren and Elana Fine and Yisroel and Chani Stein for having donated the siddurim shelves that we will PG install in the entrance halls.

Our library is designed with two sizes of shelves- six medium size shelves are available for sponsorship at R18 000 each. Four large size shelves are available for sponsorship at R36 000 each.

Please click here to participate

Make sure you have the answers on Israel!

 Miri Eisen.JPGWe're very excited that the SAZF will be hosting retired IDF Colonel and Israeli Government Spokesperson, Miri Eisen for a talk on Sunday 17th March.

Miri offers a refreshing perspective on Israel and will share the inside track on what's really going on in the Holy Land.
If you've ever felt you don't have solid answers on the sticky Israel issues, you definitely should join us on Sunday 17th at 9:00 a.m.
Donation: R50 RSVP HERE

Pesach pressure?

 Matzah BakeryThe Pesach countdown has begun (you know when you see the macaroons and Ceres juice on the shelves and the "Matzah Man" on the street poles).

Because there's so much to do, prepare and worry about, it's always good to get a few useful tips to calm the pre-Pesach frenzy.

Make sure to get to the Torah Academy annual wine sale at Kosherworld on Sunday 10th March from 8am to 2pm. You always pick up great deals on wine (we buy the year's supply for the Shul then- and we always look for a sponsor btw), imported kosher cheeses and all sorts of other odds and ends.  

Another useful thing to keep in mind is that the goal of Pesach cleaning is to get rid of chometz, not clutter. Think of where kids could have stashed cookies and where husbands may have dripped pizza pieces (like inside the couch) and get those places cleaned well. Your old stamp collections and "last season" wardrobe can wait for July to be sorted. 

Don't wait for the last minute, make sure to sell your chometz pronto. You can sell your chometz online right here. Remember to include all addresses of places that you own/ work at etc. 

While you're in cleaning mode, make sure to Pesach-ready your car, baby's high chair and your cellphone (ever seen what gets into the nooks & crannies there?). 

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