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Shtetlhavon :)

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Strathavon was transformed into a bustling old shtetl for Purim. Over 70 adults and 50 children joined the "Purim in the Shtetl celebrations on Sunday afternoon.

Traditional shtetl food- chicken soup and perogen, stew and apple strudel- was served and the musical accompaniment was good ol'Klezmer (with a few niggunim and "Fiddler on the Roof"" numbers thrown in.

After "Mayor Meyer (a.k.a. the rabbi) opened proceedings with a hilarious spoof on the opening "Tradition" monologue from Fiddler (we also have our traditions in Shtetlhavon, like "what time to come to the brocha" and "How to do a Purim somersault"), the Shtetl entertainment became interactive.

Yenta the matchmaker set out looking for a suitable "catch" for her eligible young maidel. Four candidates had to undergo the gruelling (yet funny) quiz of "Yerachmiel the blood-letter" (Rabbi Avtzon). None of the candidates impressed the shadchan, so they were instead relegated to pole-holders for the wedding  of a surprised chosson (Simcha Solarsh) and the shtetl bride (Gulls Solarsh- who had been in on the ploy). The Chalomishe Rebbe presided in his inimitabel way and the chupa was celebrated with approprioate simcha.

Meanwhile, Yehuda Lazarus went all out to provide a smashing programme for the kids- arts & crafts, a jumping castle and loads of fun and good food.

After the formal celebrations ended, our annual Purim farbrengen warmed up and continued until the wee hours of Monday morning.

A special thank you to Naomi and Chaya as well as Hayley, Dani, Gulls and Lauren for producing an authentic Shtetl experience from the food to the decor.

Click here to see some pics of Shtetlhavon

Revamped children's service

excited kids.jpgChabad of Strathavon is thrilled to welcome Yehuda Lazarus as our new youth director. Yehuda will revamp our entire children's service, providing curriculum for our counselors and creating new and exciting programmes and events.

Our new age-divisions for the children's service are: 3-6 year olds under the direction of Chani Shishler, 7-11 year olds under the direction of Cassie Forman and 12 and up under Yehuda Lazarus. 

From this Shabbos, children's service will be at 6:15 on Friday evenings and 9:30 on Shabbos mornings. 

We look forward to seeing your children  at the new and exciting children's services and wish Yehuda and his team lots of success! 

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