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Sandton's most dynamic women's learning programme

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Our women's learning programme, in memory of Cynthia Levitt, got started this week. Monday night saw Rabbi Avtzon address the key elements of "What Chabad really believes", a must-have course for anyone involved in a Chabad community.

On Tuesday evening, Chaya Avtzon presented an expertly crafted first session on how to learn to learn Chumash. If you feel ready to develop some Torah-study skills of your own, this is the place to be.

Rivky Chaikin adroitly engaged the religious issues that could put pressure on a marriage. During the upcoming weeks, she will be addressing key issues of Shalom Bayis and what you need to enrich your marriage.

From Sunday, you'll be able to catch Leah Hazdan's Parsha class, so that you can be up to date on what the community reads on Shabbos at Shul.

Thursday night also saw the launch of Rabbi Shishler's eye-opener "5th Dimension of Jewish History" course (this for men and women). Rabbi Shishler's course brings early Jewish history to life and shows how it is the perfect guide to your own personal development.

So, there you have it, Sandton's most dynamic and comprehensive Jewish women's learning programme. It's only going to get bigger and better! Share it with everyone you know! 

Click here for the programme

SABC features Jewish Life Centre

SABC Logo.JPG SABC TV recently flighted a segment on the building of our new Shul and Jewish Life Centre. The clip includes an interview with Julian Michaels, our architect, and the rabbi. 

You'll notice that the piece was recorded when the centre was a long way off from being finished, but that's what makes it so appealing.

See if you can identify which members of the community were caught in the eye of the camera...

Click here to watch the clip

Strathavon goes green

001.jpgWhat do you do when you need some planting and landscaping done in a new Jewish centre? 

You wait until Tu Bishvat and get the whole community involved. 

Well, our Women's Circle put togeher a fabulous family day today that saw abbas, imas, zeidies and bobbies team up with kids of all ages to stick their hands in the soil and plant a magnificent garden at our centre.

The kids loved the chance to plant and plant again. The ice-lollies on offer were a welcome added benefit.

Thanks to everyone who got invoilved and bought anything from hedgings to bushes to trees to our beautiful new garden bench. The whole place has been transformed.

We owe a special thank you to Barbara Wachsberger from Barbara's Gardens for designing, planning, sourcing, overseeing and donating her time to make miracles in our garden.

Click here for photos from this special event

Our Mission Statement

 "If you don't know where you are going, you will land up somewhere else".

Mission statement.jpg Tuesday evening had the hall abuzz as our kick-off-the-year community meeting got underway. Besides the various exciting new initiatives and opportunities that were presented, the mission statement of the Jewish Life Centre and its six core values were unveiled.

The mission statement reads:

Our six core values are:
CHABAD: Living with the Rebbe's teachings and values and to uphold the ethos, standards and attitudes of Chabad.
FAMILY: Enriching all aspects of family life and creating a family focus in our centre.
COMMUNITY: Engendering a sense of belonging and partnership; working together for the good of the community and the good of the individual.
POSITIVE ENERGY: Creating a happy environment, encouraging members to focus on, speak about and highlight the positive and to keep an optimistic outlook.
GROWTH: To always seek to learn and improve as individuals and as a community.
CREATIVITY: To think out of the box, always remain relevant and offer exciting and different programmes.


Off to a running start!

2013 Launch.jpgI hope you've all had a relaxing, recharging, rejuvenating break and have come home with loads of energy, because you'll definitely be needing it to keep up with the Jewish Life Centre in 2013.

 We'll be hosting Rabbi Dovid Wineberg from Cape Town (ex-Sandton and very well-known in these parts) for a businessmen's breakfast on Tuesday, 22 Jan. That event will launch our new "Fresh Thinking" series of programmes, which are all about Creative Judaism and thinking out of the box.

Our Women's Circle is putting on a Family Day for the community on Sunday, 27th January for Tu Bishvat. Bring your kids (in clothes you don't mind them getting dirty- or maybe bring an apron in case) and join in the fun of this unique community-building project.

Monday, 28th January sees the launch of our top-notch, very exciting women's learning programme. It's such a bog deal that- even before we've really got our marketing  out- there are people from other communities who've heard about it and applied to join. Don't be left out- register now! 

If you enjoyed the 5th Dimension Primer last year, have an interest in  Jewish History or simply enjoy learning the deeper meaning of life, you have to get to the 5th Dimension of Jewish History course! The first semester starts on 31st January and will include six lessons. 

Our Talmud programme offers you a chance to complete a full tractate (which is a great sense of achievement) in the course of a year with Rabbi Reuven Finkelstein or to get to grips with the skills you'd need to study Talmud independently, with Rabbi Shishler.  

Of course, we still offer all the regular favourites- so there's plenty to learn, from practial Jewish living to deep mysticism. 


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