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Record-breaking High Holiday services!

RH set-up.jpg"Build it and they will come!"

The greatest compliment I've received all year came on second night Rosh Hashanah from a member of our community.

"I thought you were crazy," he said (I was waiting for the line to finish, "and now I know you are...").

Chabadniks can be a little meshugeh. We see the world differently, always look for opportunities and like to be optimistic come what may.

Well, he had thought I had overdone the whole Chabad gung-ho attitude by jumping from a garage-come-shtibel 6x6 to our new mega Chabad House. He (and many others) were completely sure that there were nowhere near enough people in the area to justify the new Chabad of Strathavon.

Even my optimism could only see us filling 80% of the 250 seats we put out for the "big" days.

Boruch Hashem, we had to bring in more chairs a number of times over Yom Tov, as numbers swelled to around 300.

Officially, the rabbi is meant to inspire the crowd, but the throngs of eager Jews, people who hardly step into Shul but sat focused and engaged over those special days, really inspired me.

What a special people we are. We may miss our Jewish commitments here and there throughout the year, but our true selves emerge over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

After such a powerful start t0 5773, we look forward to G-d's blessings showering down on all of us for the whole year ahead!

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