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Tefillin/Unity event


As every year, we have a massive Tefillin get-together on the afternoon of Tisha B'Av. Being a Sunday this year, we're expecting an even larger crowd than usual. Tisha B'Av afternoon is a special time to daven for safety from Israel's enemies & Tefillin is our secret weapon against attack.

We will also show a clip from the newly released "Faithful & Fortified" video of the Rebbe's interactions with Israel's Prime Ministers. Trailer here.

Bring your Tefillin, bring a friend and come along.

Breaking the fast will be after Maariv.


Chabad Strathavon off to the Rebbe

 NY trip.jpg Chabad of Strathavon will PG be sending a delegation to New York next month on a spiritual journey to connect and be inspired.

 The group of men & women will spend time at the Ohel and 770, Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters. They will visit the Rebbe's study where he would grant people private audiences as well as the Rebbe's legendary library.

Over the long weekend, the group will have the chance to meet and hear from leading Chabad teachers and personalities. We look forward to powerful and meaningful visit where all involved will PG return with special brochos.

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