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5th Dimension kicks off to a great start

Crowd_ 1st shiur.jpgCrowd_ 1st shiur.jpgYou couldn't get in to this place on Wednesday night! Lines of people snaked up both stairways as over 250 people arrived for the launch of the 5th Dimension primer. The buzz in town over this series extended well beyond the attendees, with the social networds buzzing with speculation over what the 5th Dimension might be.

As one American rabbi tweeted on the day, "We need to get the 5th Dimension to go global." 

The atmosphere was electric and everyone sat enthralled throughout the multimedia presentation.

Session one explored the way our life is essentially four-dimensional, and concluded with a teaser about the enigmatic nature of the "invisible" 5th Dimension.

 Session two is open this coming Wednesday for people who did not make the first class. You can find more on this site or on Facebook.


Torah in your car

Thank to a brilliant initiative by Simcha Solarsh and Ari Arenstein, you can now get a Torah fix on CD for FREE from the centre.

As you come up the stairs, you'll find the CD stand with a range of classes by CD stand.jpgoverseas rabbis (and our very own rabbi) for your listening pleasure. Once you've heard the shiur, bring it back and take the next one.

Just another way we're helping you grow your Judaism in a dynamic, meaningful way! 

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