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20 years since we last heard the Rebbe

F2701.jpgWednesday 27th Adar (21 March) marked 20 year from when the Rebbe suffered a stroke. Rabbi Levi Avtzon came up with the wonderful plan to host a unique farbrengen to address the issues and questions that ordinarily arise around the relevance of the Rebbe's message today.

Over 50 men as well as a group of women arrived to listen to Rabbis Levi Avtzon, Reuven Finkelstein, Berel Rodal and Ari Shishler. Each addressed a different perspective, but focused on a singular message- that the Rebbe provided all the guidance we would need, especially his message that we are each to use our unique talents and initiative to complete G-d's mission for the world.

Mr. Shraga Jameson of Aquazania sponsored the event, which continued into the wee hours of the morning and drew great praise from a diverse crowd of participants.



Photo credits: Gershon Abraham 

Women's circle prepares for Pesach

This past Tuesday evening, our Women's Circle hosted their second Rosh Chodesh event of the year. 


The Cheese and Wine evening was organised by Chaya Liberow, together with Shirley Cohen, Amy Jaffe, Liegh-Ann Hurvitz, Candice Isaacson and Pam Meyerowitz. Special thanks to Dairy World for donating the cheese.

Norman Goodfellows supplied the wine and an expert, so the women could sample wines for Pesach. Rabbi Yossi Baumgarten fielded questions from the crowd and gave practical tips on preparing properly for Pesach. All in all, the event was a smash-success and thoroughly enjoyed by all who came.






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