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Laughter- a great way to get into the Adar spirit!

RC Adar 01.jpg"When Adar enters, joy increases," says the Talmud. If only it was as automatic as that- Adar is really a time to work on attaining joy. It is the month that carries the promise of breaking the emotional doldrums and cranking up a healthy dose of happiness.

Our women's Rosh Chodesh club got down to the serious business of feeling happy with a "Laughter Workshop". Facilitated by Shareen Richter, South Africa's legendary "Laughter Professor", the session challenged women to let go and laugh. Had you heard us, you may have assumed we had lost our minds, but the laughing experience was truly therapeutic. Every woman left feeling lighter and more relaxed, released from the tensions and stresses of being a 21st century mom. 

The participants also enjoyed a stunning array of sweets (which probably helped lift the mood) and joined a raffle for a beautiful leather purse (mazal tov to Daniella Kruger, our winner). 

Rosh Chodesh Adar 5772 will be memorable for all the women who joined. Our next Rosh Chodesh get-together is scheduled for the 25th of March PG. Save the date!  

Impressive crowd for reincarnation series

Reincarnation 01.jpg

Our three-part series on "Reincarnation and Judaism" got off to a great start with a crowd of some sixty people. The crowd was diverse, spanning the full age spectrum, different levels of observance and various neighbourhoods. 

Part one of the fascinating series kicked off with Rabbi Shishler examining the fundamental principles of the spiritual worlds and the Arizal's doctrine of the soul-structure. Based on that, he began outlining the process of soul-progression, soul interrelationships and the purpose of reincarnation.

 The talk ended with a cliffhanger and the promise of more intrigue and reincarnation stories that you would normally miss when reading the Torah. 

If you did not hear part one, you should definitely make a plan to attend next week's session on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. 

IDF heroes visit our community

Thanks to Mark & Talia Talmud, we had an unusually beautiful kiddush this Shabbos. They sponsored a pink-themed sumptious spread in honour of their new daughter, Maya. 

IDF 01.jpgOur bonus was a visit by a group of injured-in-action IDF soldiers. More than ordinary heroes, these young men who had risked their lives to protect our nation are walking miracles. Two of the eight soldiers shared their respective stories, holding the hall-full mesmerised as they described their close calls and miraculous recovery.

Nadav was a special forces commando shot at close range while arresting members of a terror cell. As he bled out, the platoon medic, a religious man, applied pressure to his severed artery for 45 minutes, saving his life. It took six months of intense therapy to get his legs to move and today he is fully recovered.

Shai was severely injured when a massive roadside bomb exploded just in front of his tank. Clinically dead on arrival in hospital, Shai defied the medical books by regaining consciousness after just over a week, marrying a few months later and leading an almost normal life. 

Later in the afternoon, the rest of the group arrived at the farbrengen. Each had experienced a similar near-death experience. When someone suggested that they surely would not ever want to repeat their traumatic experiences, they emphatically disagreed: "We would do it all again to protect our People!"

Inspiring stuff! 

Raffle- brick by brick

raffletickets.jpgSpecial thanks to Larry Krug for taking the initiative to launch a raffle to raise funds for the paving of the front of our new centre. Larry's "brick by brick" project aims to raise enough money to redo the entrance to the property (making it a secure entrance) and paving the parking area (which will alleviate the issue of people walking those small stones into the building and making a mess).

 Tickets are R100 and the prizes include a flat-screen TV and cash.

If you would like to join the raffle or sell tickets, please click here to contact Larry

Balustrades are up

 Our last worrisome hazard has finally been resolved. After waiting months for the contractors to get the job done, the balustrades have now been installed on the main stairways leading up to the Shul.


Young adults' breakfast

16.jpgWhat does it take to get a group of under-35's to roll out of bed on a Sunday morning? Apparently a hearty breakfast, interesting speaker and the promise of an opportunity to meet dynamic, Jewish young adults. 

That formula worked wonders this past Sunday when fifty young adults arrived at for a champagne breakfast at the Jewish Life Centre. Gary Friedman caterers outdid themselves with a spread that could have satisfied double the crowd we were expecting. 

Toby Shapshak, editor of "Stuff" magazine was the speaker. His entertaining and insightful talk was good enough to keep the crowd off their Blackberries throughout (which is saying a lot). Using props like an old garage-door opener (nobody knew what on earth it was) and an original Motorola cellphone, Toby charted the progress of technology and posited where social media and gadgets may be headed. 

Afterwards, Rabbi Shishler wrapped up with a contemporary Jewish perspective on technology as a tool to make a better world, based on the teachings of the Rebbe.

Adam Zaiden was our lucky winner, walkign out with a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

People obviously really enjoyed themselves, because they lingered on way after the official ending time. Please G-d, we hope to have more such events in the future.

Click here to see some photos from the breakfast. 

Our new hall

Hall.jpgWe're very excited to have the floors and ceilings in our new hall. And we've had our first simcha immediately, the Abro bris on Wednesday. What better way to initiate a hall?

Please G-d, we look forward to many more simchos and communal events hosted there!  

Special thanks to Arnold & Tessa Forman for donating the finishes for the hall.




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