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Gemorah class finishes SECOND tractate

Gemorah 03.jpgWhen Rabbi Reuven Finkelstein originally proposed that joining his weekly class would mean completing a full tractate of the Talmud within a year, most people thought, "Well, surely he doesn't mean me!".

Two years of dedicated study later, Rabbi Finkelstein's Talmud class has completed their second tractate. In the first year, they studied Taanis, the tractate that deals with the laws of fasting. This year, they have completed Chagigah, the tractate that tackles various laws of Yom Tov.

And, no, the students do not have previous Gemorah-study experience. All they have is commitment.

To celebrate the conclusion of Chagigah, the group invites the community to a Siyum at the Shul on Thursday, 6th December at 8PM.

Now's your chance to sign up for next year's class, where they plan to complete the ever-intriguing tractate of Megillah. To join the class, please click here.

Top notch speeches at the Kinus

RAS 07.jpg
Steven 02.JPGSteven Solarsh and the Rabbi wowed the crowds at the Shluchim conference with their top-class speeches. If you haven't yet seen them, take a look:

South Africa takes centre stage at the Kinus

LR 770 04.jpgChabad representatives from around the globe gathered last week for the annual Kinus Hashluchim, the International Convention of Chabad Rabbis. Over 3000 Shluchim represented hundreds of countries there over the weekend, but SA really stood out.

Our delegation was probably the largest we've ever had (around the sixty mark) and we certainly made our presence known.

On the Thursday night, we held a South African farbrengen at the Shluchim Office. Various Shluchim from Utah, NY, the UK and the far east joined and shared fascinating stories and insights. The next morning, we took an early visit to the Ohel and- despite all the Shluchim coming in for a public gathering there- stood out proud in the crowd.

Our Shabbos afternoon farbrengen (which has become legendary) was so lively that we ended up dancing in the streets after Shabbos. A local Crown Heightser tweeted later that "if you were wondering why the streets of Crown Heights were shaking on Saturday night, it was because of the South African visitors and their dancing".

Then we took centre stage at the gala dinner on Sunday night, with Steven Solarsh giving a kicker of a speech and our rabbi delivering the keynote address. BH, this has got to have been the best Kinus our community has ever been part of. 

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