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Raffle for the Kinus

Kinus 5771 109.jpgAs every year, Chabad of Strathavon is proud to host a raffle for one fortunate member to attend the Shluchim Conference in New York.

This year offers an added incentive: To be there when our own rabbi delivers the keynote address at the gala banquet.

Tickets for the raffle are R400 and we hope to draw the winner on Sunday, 21 October PG.

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Our rabbi takes centre stage at the International Shluchim Convention, NY

Kinus 5771 164.jpgCan you imagine standing in front of 4500 guests plus the thousands watching a live streaming, and being able to share a message that will resonate and empower all the viewers! 

The ‘Chabad of Strathavon’ family stands proud and tall this week, as our rabbi has been chosen from thousands of Chabad representatives around the world to deliver the keynote address at the International Shluchim Convention that takes place later this month in New York.

The "Kinus" is the most prestigious and dynamic annual gathering of Jewish leaders in the world. Guests include chief rabbis, renowned scholars, the Chabad global leadership and top Jewish philanthropists from around the world. Over 4000 people will attend the gala dinner on November 11th and probably five times that many people will watch it live over the Internet.

Rabbi Shishler will be joined on the podium by our own Steven Solarsh. Clearly, the international community has finally uncovered the gems of Chabad of Strathavon! It’s about time!  

What an awesome opportunity and responsibility! We wish both of them lots of luck (they’ll need it). We’ll be cheering for them at three in the morning!

Make us proud!

Noa's Torah takes wing

Noas torah banner.jpg Now, this is a really special project. Jarod & Kerri Kolman's Noa's Torah project started out as a community effort to write a new Torah for our new centre. 

It has now grown to an international campaign to unite as many Jews as possible in buying into a special Torah in memory of a special girl, Baby Noa Lazarus.

Baby Noa passed away at the beginning of the year after bravely fighting a horrible illness. She was only 18 months old.

In the months of her illness, Baby Noa managed to unite Jews around the world in hope, prayer and Jewish commitment. The Noa's Torah project aims to unite Jews in writing a Torah and increasing Torah study in her merit.

Please get involved at 

Simchas Torah was a win!

simchat_torah_03.jpgMany didn't believe that Simchas Torah could start on time and run as smoothly as it did.

Shemini Atzeres night was definitely the secret highlight of the season. Shemini Atzeres evening was an experience of genuine joy and "lebedikeit". Somehow, the more intimate setting on that evening seems to produce a spectacular vibe!

Simchas Torah evening buzzed with energy and excitement as record number of children attended. Waving flags, munching chocolates and singing "We want Moshiach NOW!!", the kids had loads of fun! Even after they left, the energy only increased and the dancing continued past midnight (!).

Despite the pounding rain (and very late night-before), we still managed to get Simchas Torah day off to a punctual start. Having raffled off most of the honours beforehand sped the proceedings up considerably.

Mazal tov to all who bought into Kol Haneorim, Chosson Torah and Chosson Bereishis. May you all see Hashem's blessings for those honours fulfilled tis year!

A special thank you to Rabbi Groner for sharing inight & inspiration and to Cassie & Chani for running an outstanding children's programme. 

Simchas Torah- new format!

 Simchat Torah Banner

Get your dancing shoes on, it's Simchas Torah!! As every year, we're looking forward to 48-hours of non-stop joy, dancing and camaraderie.

We're doing things differently this year, so please read this carefully!

1. We're cutting down big time on auctioning honours on the day. Instead, you can enter a raffle for most of the special honours of this festive time. Click here for more.

2. We're starting everything for the kids earlier on Tuesday (no sit-down kiddush, just snacks & straight into dancing).

We expect to call the boys up to the Torah by 11-ish on Tuesday- so make sure your boys are there! (We've, thank G-d, had a wonderful track-record with the fertility blessing for the people called to the Torah with the boys- send along anyone you know who needs this blessing).

As always, we start the first round of dancing on Shemini Atzeres evening, which is Sunday night. Please invite your family and friends to celebrate with us on Sunday night, Monday night and Tuesday morning.


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