The Five Commandments of Covid Shul

 1.     Have only one real mask that covers your mouth and nose at all times. 

 2.  Thou shalt have no buffs, balaclavas or scarves before thee. 

 3.    Shofar, so good. Keep 2m apart at all times. (We’d all love to schmooze, but we’ve gotta stay put and quiet to stay safe). 
Apparently, G‑d prefers when we talk to Him without distraction. 

4.     Sanitize your spot and keep it healthy.

At the end of the service, please use the spray & towels provided to wipe down your table and chair (including the top of the back of your chair) and your hands.

 5.        Blow nose outside. (Yeah, it’s really a thing). 
And if you’re trumpeting like a Shofar, we suggest you rather head home. 

Our COVID officers aren’t on a power trip.

If they sound bossy, it’s because they care and want to keep us all safe.


When you come:

Please come a few minutes early to allow time for medical screening. Gates to the Shul will close 10 minutes after the service is meant to begin. 

😷 Please keep your mask on at all times, from when you walk in until you leave. (Jewish nose inside)

✋🏻 Stop at one of the two screening tables as you come in (please don't cross any of the barrier tape, please stand socially distanced, as marked by blue tape on the floor, while waiting your turn).

We'll take your 🌡️ temperature and advise you of your table number.

➡️ The only way into the Shul is via the ramp on the right-hand side of the building. The Shul doors downstairs may be open, but that’s for ventilation, not for entry.

📘 Collect a Machzor/ Siddur from the “New books” table.

🧍🏻 Please stay in your spot throughout the service.

🧼 Before you leave, please sanitize your table, chair and hands (sanitizer provided).

📘 Please place your Machzor/Siddur on the "Used today" table as you leave. Please do not pile the books.


Please help us keep us all safe.